We will strive to be the best auto dealer in the state. We believe that this is more than a slogan, but that with integrity, innovation and passion we can bring the best value to our customers. And we will remain steadfast to our core principles and values.

Our Core Principles

I. PRIORITIZE VALE: Being the lowest price is easy. But bringing together quality, dependability and peace of mind in a vehicle that satisfies a customer’s wants and needs…affordably. That is value! That is what we do.

II. TRANSCEND: To transcend in a business that tends to be transactional in nature, we must go beyond the typical relationship of seller and buyer and become a partner and resource to our customers for all their needs.

III. EXCEL: We must strive to be the best in all aspects of what we do, from purchasing to repairs and reconditioning, marketing, and finance so that we can bring the best product to our customers at the best value.

IV. CONTRIBUTE: It’s not enough to simply “give back”. We must become part of the community through participation, social service and outreach. We will seek to create opportunities not just for our employees, but for other members of the community as well.

V. COURAGE: Have the courage to remain faithful to our values. To strive to provide the best product and value, but also, to acknowledge that we will not always be the best option for our customer, and to guide them in the right direction, even when that means referring them to a competitor.

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